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Event Supplements for Family & Corporate Events

If you are a Subscriber – or have a friend who is – you probably have seen the beautiful pictorial features of weddings and other happenings such as anniversaries and inaugurals, published in BR. 

There are bound to be special events in your family or business. A wedding is, of course, the most momentous and significant event in an individual’s life. Other important events worthy of publishing are Engagements, Jubilees and Birthdays, as also Corporate events such as Inaugurals and Openings of Offices, Shops, etc.

We, at BR International, are very much aware of this and that is why we offer the most affordable rates possible.

Throwing all profitable pricing policies to the winds, we have trimmed down our supplement costs to the lowest possible so as to give our clients the chance to proudly publicize their joy and happiness for all to see! Let friends and relatives scattered throughout the world see the lavish celebrations that made the stunning pictures possible!

Remember that BR International is circulated in 91 cities throughout the world. Wherever there is an Overseas Indian settlement, there is BR! 

A Wedding coming up in the family? Well, don’t forget to get in touch with your area BR Correspondent and send in the photos when ready. He/She will be glad to discuss costs and discounts and assist you with the choice of pictures and formatting of layouts and captions.

You are also free to contact us direct regarding your supplement.

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Rates for Supplements*



Full Page**

US$ 585 (HK$ 4,500)    


Special Placement*** Surcharge

US$ 156 (HK$ 1,200)


* A 2-page supplement warrants a 10% discount;
     3 pages or more are discounted 20%.

** A Full Page accommodates 8 photos comfortably.
*** Special positioning such as early right-hand page or facing a particular feature.



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