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Diwali is a festival steeped in tradition. From the lighting of lamps and decking up the house with rangoli to home-made sweets and Laxmi poojan, everything about this festival has an unmistakable old-world charm to it. It is a celebration that one wouldn’t have associated gadgets and technology with, say five years ago. But with the world around us turning ‘smarter’, a hi-tech twist to the way to celebrate this much-awaited festival feels only natural. Here are some cools apps to add some extra sparkle to your Diwali this year:

Cracker Boom

As the cry for a green, cracker-free Diwali grows louder, this app that lets you burst crackers in the virtual realm is perhaps the best way to revisit what was perhaps your favorite part of Diwali cel- ebrations growing up. It also makes for a great way to give your children a sneak peek into the anars, rockets, fuljhadis, sutali bombs and other crackers and reworks you indulged in back in the day. The Cracker Boom is a simple mo- bile game where players are constantly provided with a set of crackers to burst by few touches on your smartphone screen. There is a small catch in the tale though – all the crackers you burst must coincide with a list provided on top of thescreen.Tooman ywrong plays mean you lose a level and have to start over again. Perfect for some family bonding once you are done with meeting and greeting all near and dear ones...



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